Friday, May 3, 2013

The Countdown is On!

To say we are "Counting Down" is an under statement. These kids have Spring Fever (and maybe their teacher too) to the MAX!!! So, after searching around for different ideas to keep the kiddos engaged for the remaining 20 days of is what we have (Please note:many of these ideas came form various teachers and/or blogs.)

The Balloon Countdown:
#1: I explained to the student that each balloon has a reward that goes with it. I also explained that their behavior affected weather or not each days balloon would or would not be popped.
#2: The students each blew up a balloon. I wrote numbers 20-1 on them & hung them from the ceiling.
#3: Instead of putting the reward inside the balloon..I stick a small sticky note on the top so when they pop it the sticky note comes floating down. (My reasoning: things change from day to day. So, I can adjust the order of the rewards if I need to)
#4: Each day one student pops the balloon (they get to crawl up on the counter...which is super cool in their book :)
#5: The reward is given (if a student misbehaves the give up their reward)
Reward List
20. Popsicles
19. No Shoes
18. Pens for a Day
17. Sit Anywhere
16. Popcorn
15. No Homework
14. Beach Day
13. Sidewalk Chalk
12. Shades
11. Game On
10. Breakfast
9. Mystery Reader
8. Field Day
7. Shaving Cream Fun
5. Kickball
4. Picnic
3. Movie Day
2. Extra P.E.
1. Free Day

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