Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrating Moms

In honor of Mother's Day .....
There are so many fun and creative ideas but I wanted to share some things we are doing in our classroom to celebrate moms

First Up: (My personal favorite)

Photo Magnets:
(I mean who doesn't need a magnet?)
How cute are these! Hope all of our mom's LOVE them.

original idea: To see the original idea/post click {Here}
I am not familiar with Photoshop so I created a template so I can then simply insert the child's picture. I plan to get these printed on cardstock and laminated at Staples. Add a magnet to the back and DONE!
Peel and Stick Magnets form Walmart

Next, we are creating tile coasters. Last year, I used mod podge and added the child's photo to the tile, However, this year we are already using a photo on the magnet so the children are going to use "Sharpies" and personalize their tile. We also add little felt like circles to the bottom to keep them from roughing up any surfaces. You could also use cork.
Check out the Mother's Day tile idea {HERE)

These tiles can be purchased and maybe even donated from Lowes and/or Home Depot
Last, we will write a letter to mom or grandma. (This is great grammar/writing practice)

All of these gifts require little cost, a lot of time, but make a big smile on a moms face....and thats the idea, right?

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