Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What has eight legs, is NOT an insect, and......

is Creepy Crawly??? That's right, A SPIDER!!!! Although spiders are another one those creature that give me goosebumps, we had a awesome time doing our Spider Reports last week. First, students were split into 4 groups. They were given a few Non-fiction books about Spiders to read, this helped them build some knowledge about spiders. Next, each group leader was given an Ipad to begin their research and choose a type of spider for their project. I visited another 2nd grade teacher blog and found these free

We used the websites listed on the "Spider Research" handout. Each student also completed the graphic organizer above. After 2 days and research and filling out the graphic organizer, the student used their information/facts to begin their rough draft. I conferenced (met and discussed) with each group/students about their writing to be sure they were on the right track. Once they finished, they were given the "Publishing Paper" to complete their final Spider Report.Last but certainly not least, each group drew their spider. The students had a blast with this writing and I love seeing them get excited about learning.

OH YEA......Did I mention that one student brought in 2 LIVE SPIDERS!!!! Needless to say I was worried to death all day about those spiders. :) Once again the kids thought they were soooo interesting. They are still coming in with new information and facts about spiders!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our "Short" Week

Last week we only had 3 instructional days because Monday and Tuesday were are systems Fall Break!!!!! The teachers and students NEEDED a break! I guess a 3 day week would be considered a "Short Week" but I feel like we crammed in a full weeks work of instruction. Take a Peek at our "Short Week"

Wednesday was our Christopher Columbus themed day. From morning work, to Reading, small groups, and writing were all in relation to Christopher Columbus.We were so busy that I did not have time to take any pictures on Wednesday....that's a good problem, right?

Thursday we continued our study of Bats. As creepy as this creature seems to me, they are so interesting to learn about. Bats are mammals just like we are....the kids LOVE that fact!Of course I did a few read alouds and we had a group discussion about Bats. We did not do a usual centers this week since it was only 3 days . We tried something new and I would say it was a huge success! The entire room was SILENT...that's right...without me even asking them!?!

Check out our "Bat Fact Find" activity: We all assembled our books just liked we do our Math Journals. Then they labeled each page Bat Fact # 1-Bat Fact # 10. This way they could keep track and be sure they recorded all of the facts. Then they each were given a CLIPBOARD (they were pumped) and traveled around the room to locate each of the 10 facts. Last they illustrated their books.

Friday or "Fun Friday"  because I checked out the Ipad cart for the morning portion of our day. That means Grammar, Math, and some of our Reading Block were completed using the Ipads! The Ipads are awesome and really get students excited and enjoying learning!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Farm Day & Homecoming 2013

Biker Day:
Roll over the Panthers

Thursday was Crazy Sock day....
but I was being Mom at the Pumpkin Patch. I hate not being with my 18 school children but it is important for me to take special time for my personal children too!

Aggie Day
"Football Reader"

APS presents the APS Faculty Cheerleaders

We Matched! :)

Farm Day