Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work on Writing

A HUGE focus in our classroom is writing. Writing allows me to assess grammar, spelling, and gives the kids  an outlet for self expression. So far we have really had to focus on the basics; capital letters, end marks, and complete sentences. We do about 2 published writings a week. One during their "Work on Writing" centers and one during our Writing lesson. The writinga below are not perfect but students are still learning and getting better with each writing! I am proud of their progress and know that will continue to improve!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Farm Day

As you can tell by the lack of posting...we have been super busy getting to know each other, learning school and classroom routines and procedures, and getting settled into a new year. It seems like this year is flying by already so I really wanted to start sharing about what is going on inside our classroom and at APS!

Farm Day:

The kids had a great time with hand-on learning at Farm Day. I wanted them to remember the fun they had so we immediately came inside and wrote about "A Day on the Farm".

Check back soon to stay up to date on the fun were are having in Room 211!