Monday, February 2, 2015

Jam Packed January

January is always a busy time in our classroom. Here are a few pictures of what was going on during the month of January

I posted about MLKJ Centers earlier....

100th Day of School:
We challenged ourselves to read and test on 100 books on the 100th Day of School
By the end of the day the students made it to 80 books and I was SUPER PROUD of them!

 100th Day Trail Mix & Graphing Activity

100 Year Old 2nd Graders:

100 Days Smarter!

LOTS of Writing:
Penguins, MLKJ, Winter Break, When I am 100 Years Old, If I had $100, ...
You name it...these kids can write about it 

QR Codes:

February is looking to be just as here we go.......