Friday, April 25, 2014

Earth Day and Insects

Earth Day 2014

We watched this video/song to kick off our Earth Day learning. 

Earth Day Writing: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle purchased on Tpt from Amy Lemons

 Home Sweet Home Activity 
purchased on TpT from A Cupcake for the Teacher 
 We have been studying poetry so many students chose to make their writing an acrostic poem using the word EARTH. :)

Insect Unit
As an introduction to our unit on Insects we read this book. We learned the characteristics of  insects.
We watched this video that explains each of the stages of a Ladybug's Life Cycle.

We had a discussion about the different stages and then we made flipbooks.
The Life Cycle of a Ladybug FlipBook

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Technology in Action

Our class loves technology! We use it every single day and I enjoy learning about new ways to incorporate technology into our day. Check out a few ways our class has been using technology and a few ways students can use technology at home.

Typing "How to" Writings on the Macbooks

You would think choosing their own font was the best thing since sliced bread! :) Really though, they were thrilled....isn't that what learning is all about? :)

Of course we needed to test out our directions.....look at the little sprouts. :)

Also, students use the Ipad to scan QR Codes during Math Worskhop

Here is an example of what an activity using QR Codes may look like.

First, student's measured a given object with an inch ruler.
 Then, they use the Scan App on the Ipad to scan the barcode.
 Last, it reveals the correct measurement for the object.

On a daily basis, you will see students on our classroom Ipad:
Here are a few of our favorite Apps.....these are great because if students have available technology at home, then they can download these apps on their devices.

Splash Math has a Free or Paid version

Starfall is an App and also a website

Spelling City is an App and also a website

Tic, Tac,Toe Phonics is a Free App

QR Reader or Scan are the Apps we use to scan QR codes

 Also, I recently attended a conference and learned about these 3 apps. I am really excited to put this to use in our classroom.

Google Drive


Book Creator