Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buzzin' into 2nd grade!

We have officially completed our first 3 days of school! I am exhausted and I know the students are too. I have really enjoyed getting to know more and more about my "new children" (because they are practically mine for the next 9 months)! We have been BUSY with back to school reading/activities along with all of the Beginning of the year assessments!

Small Victory....I had to make a pit stop on the way back from lunch and I asked the students to go on into the classroom. When I walked in I saw 19 grinning faces....they all had there heads down and were completely silent!!!! I was beyond proud of them! Yay for team work and good choices!

I hope to have permission forms to add some pictures of our class within the next few days! They sure are some beautiful and handsome youngsters! :)

Here is  a peak of what we have been up to....

Self Portraits

LOTS of Supply Sorting

and...Reading some great back to school favorites!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back,Back, Back to School!

Yes, that's right....It is that time of year again! I have finally come to terms with the fact that Summer can not last forever. However, I am blessed to have a "job" (if that is even what you call teaching) that is so rewarding and each day brings new opportunities.After getting my class list today, I will go to bed tonight with 18 new names on my heart and mind! I cannot wait to see what the upcoming year has in store!....Okay so I am being a little sappy but I will have a baby in Kindergarten this year! (cut me some slack please :))

Oh you wanted to see a picture? ...Okay since you asked....

 My son Eli and my daughter Rileigh-Kay

Over the next 9/10 months you will be showered with pictures of my other 18 children and our learning adventures! Can't wait to meet them and "love them up"!

Please Note:
I have added a new "Meet the Teacher" tab and have also updated the "Room 211 News" page.

Before I run....I will leave you with a quote that I just love.