Thursday, October 16, 2014

Instagram Newbies

Our class blog has join the Instagram world.

First,  download the instagram App to get started.

Then, search for our class username and click follow. 
I do have it set up as private so I can choose who has assess. So, I will have to accept your request and then......
 You can keep up with daily activities!! How fun is that???


That's all for now ..... we are busy with Columbus, Bats, and Homecoming Week!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

September Fun

September has been a busy month in our classroom. We have all settled into this new school year and have dove into Math, Reading, and Writing. During the month of September we celebrated Grandparent's Day, the First Day of Fall, Apple Week, Farm Day, and several "Aggie Days". Check out what we have been up to....

Grandparent's Day:

Fall Writings:
Fall Favorite and An Apple Poem

Apple Tasting:
We tasted apple pie, apple cider, apple fritters, more apple pie with ice cream, all 3 different colors of  apples, and caramel dip.

Super Sentences: We have worked long and hard on writing COMPLETE sentences.
Students created these head bands as a fun way of showing their learning. Each headband had all 4 types of sentences on them. 

Persuasive Writing: Squish or Save the ant?

Apple Poetry & Labeling:

Farm Day:

Friday, September 5, 2014

August Rewind....

Although it is already the first week in September, I want to rewind and recap August and all the back to school fun. I did not take a lot of pictures the first few weeks of school because we were super busy getting to know our new friends. I do want to share with you a few activities from those days.

Solar System Unit

 Math About Me

Personal Narrative: The Day I Lost A Tooth

 Our Class Promise

We did lots of "Get to Know You" activities and games the first 3 days of school. I want our class to big one big happy family. I am happy to say that we are well on our way to being just that!

Stay tuned.......

Friday, July 25, 2014

NEAEC 2014

Each summer I attend a conference called the North East Alabama Educators Conference or NEAEC, for short. This conference really gets me back in " teacher mode" and gives me some fresh ideas for the upcoming school year.

First all the educators meet in the gym for the keynote speaker. this year it was Kathy Grffin ( the teacher). It was very early and we were singing and dancing. She says " My idea is to wear the kids out before they wear me out." Each year they offer different sessions you can attend depending on what you want to learn more about. This year I attended the following three: I Don' t Want to Read by Kassie Millwood ( Librarian), Dollar Store Diva by Kim Adsit, and Perspectives to Help EL Students Succeed by 3 wonderful EL teachers.

I want to share with you few ideas that I took away from each presenter.

Session 1: I Don't Want to Read
* dress up as characters in the book you are reading
* write to the authors and many times they write back
* a great list of must have books ( which are in my Amazon cart as I type)
* get the kids involved by created plays, class books, and writings
* use technology as a tool through Skype

Session 2: Dollar Store Diva
Kim Adsit's Blog
* Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, other Dollar Stores
* Reminder that we always are teaching a standard
* non conventional can be a great way to teach skills while students are having fun

Session 3: Perspectives to Help EL Students to Succeed
* clarification of common ESl terms
* What can English speaking classroom too? Communication with family, love is the same in all languages, positive/supportive attitude, buddy helper...
Compassion, Repetition, Confidence

Overall, I am excited about the new information and ideas I gained from this event. I can't wait to see this concepts in actions in a few short weeks!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Planning for Back to School

I feel like it is a constant clock counting down the days,minutes, and seconds until summer is over. So far, June was full of travel for me as I was out of the country for 2 weeks and in a different state for another. Now that I am finally home I have realized just how quickly our new school year is approaching. It is my goal to spending as much time with my children as possible, while planning & shopping for the upcoming school year....:/! So here my plan (ish)

#1: Do as much planning from home as possible
#2: When the kids nap, I must work
#3: Create lists: To Do, To Make, To Print, To Buy
#4: Pinterest ( need I say more?)
#5: Spend less than one week in my classroom before school starts ( teachers go back a week before students so that adds an extra week) .....Hints the importance of do so much planning from home.

Hopefully by using my time wisely, when I enter my classroom for my "week of work" I will have a plan ready to be executed. Next on my list is creating a schedule of what I will do in my classroom each day in order to effectively accomplish my "week of work"!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field Day 2014

"Where the Wild 2nd Grader's Are"

A Few Fun Games.....

and....I bet we had many friends who went home and crashed! lol It was an awesome yet tiring day!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Earth Day and Insects

Earth Day 2014

We watched this video/song to kick off our Earth Day learning. 

Earth Day Writing: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle purchased on Tpt from Amy Lemons

 Home Sweet Home Activity 
purchased on TpT from A Cupcake for the Teacher 
 We have been studying poetry so many students chose to make their writing an acrostic poem using the word EARTH. :)

Insect Unit
As an introduction to our unit on Insects we read this book. We learned the characteristics of  insects.
We watched this video that explains each of the stages of a Ladybug's Life Cycle.

We had a discussion about the different stages and then we made flipbooks.
The Life Cycle of a Ladybug FlipBook

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Technology in Action

Our class loves technology! We use it every single day and I enjoy learning about new ways to incorporate technology into our day. Check out a few ways our class has been using technology and a few ways students can use technology at home.

Typing "How to" Writings on the Macbooks

You would think choosing their own font was the best thing since sliced bread! :) Really though, they were thrilled....isn't that what learning is all about? :)

Of course we needed to test out our directions.....look at the little sprouts. :)

Also, students use the Ipad to scan QR Codes during Math Worskhop

Here is an example of what an activity using QR Codes may look like.

First, student's measured a given object with an inch ruler.
 Then, they use the Scan App on the Ipad to scan the barcode.
 Last, it reveals the correct measurement for the object.

On a daily basis, you will see students on our classroom Ipad:
Here are a few of our favorite Apps.....these are great because if students have available technology at home, then they can download these apps on their devices.

Splash Math has a Free or Paid version

Starfall is an App and also a website

Spelling City is an App and also a website

Tic, Tac,Toe Phonics is a Free App

QR Reader or Scan are the Apps we use to scan QR codes

 Also, I recently attended a conference and learned about these 3 apps. I am really excited to put this to use in our classroom.

Google Drive


Book Creator