Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Planning for Back to School

I feel like it is a constant clock counting down the days,minutes, and seconds until summer is over. So far, June was full of travel for me as I was out of the country for 2 weeks and in a different state for another. Now that I am finally home I have realized just how quickly our new school year is approaching. It is my goal to spending as much time with my children as possible, while planning & shopping for the upcoming school year....:/! So here my plan (ish)

#1: Do as much planning from home as possible
#2: When the kids nap, I must work
#3: Create lists: To Do, To Make, To Print, To Buy
#4: Pinterest ( need I say more?)
#5: Spend less than one week in my classroom before school starts ( teachers go back a week before students so that adds an extra week) .....Hints the importance of do so much planning from home.

Hopefully by using my time wisely, when I enter my classroom for my "week of work" I will have a plan ready to be executed. Next on my list is creating a schedule of what I will do in my classroom each day in order to effectively accomplish my "week of work"!


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