Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buzzin' into 2nd grade!

We have officially completed our first 3 days of school! I am exhausted and I know the students are too. I have really enjoyed getting to know more and more about my "new children" (because they are practically mine for the next 9 months)! We have been BUSY with back to school reading/activities along with all of the Beginning of the year assessments!

Small Victory....I had to make a pit stop on the way back from lunch and I asked the students to go on into the classroom. When I walked in I saw 19 grinning faces....they all had there heads down and were completely silent!!!! I was beyond proud of them! Yay for team work and good choices!

I hope to have permission forms to add some pictures of our class within the next few days! They sure are some beautiful and handsome youngsters! :)

Here is  a peak of what we have been up to....

Self Portraits

LOTS of Supply Sorting

and...Reading some great back to school favorites!

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