Monday, May 6, 2013

Commas, Oceans, and Sea Turtles

Grammar Focus: Commas could I have forgotten have difficult commas are to learn. We took 2 weeks practicing commas. We had many lessons, made an anchor chart, and the students wrote me letters for additional practice.

I do realize the comma is out of place in the greeting....but isn't it a sweet letter?? :) This is what makes a
"Teacher Appreciation Week". They are the reason we teach and it is nice to know they enjoy our time together! :)

Afternoon Unit: Oceans & Sea Turtles
I downloaded the snorkling and writing template from todayinsecondgrade..
She has many great resources and crafts related to Oceans.
We started our unit out by activating our prior knowledge using a KWL Chart. Then we spent several days reading ebooks about Oceans and Ocean animals.After this we completed the craft you sea above. They wrote using the prompt "under the Sea I will See". Wednesday each student checked a book out of the library related to a particular ocean animal. They then planned a report and recreated their animal. 
This week we will dig deeper into our study of Sea Turtles. 

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