Saturday, August 1, 2015

A New Crew

As much as I have enjoyed soaking up summer, reality set in when.....I got my class list last week. Summer flies by but I really do get excited about the new school year, new kiddos, and thinking about all the fun we are going to have. During the summer I try to reflect on the past year; the positives, the challenges, my growth, student growth, etc.....Then I move my focus to the upcoming year. I am a very "goal oriented" person so it would only make since to set goals for the upcoming school year as well.

Mrs. Busha's 2015-2016 Goals

1: LOVE them FIRST
 I know this seems like duh, of course I love my students but I find myself getting caught up in teaching, learning, tests, grading papers, staying organized, classroom management, etc. I don't want to end the day and think-I wonder if they new I loved them today

2: Lead by Example
I want to make sure that all of the words I say to my students are backed up by my actions. If I tell my students to, "keep up with your things" then I say "has anyone seem my red expo marker?" I am NOT leading by example.So, in other words.... I want to "Practice what I Preach" so to speak.

3:Listen and Learn
I have to take time to listen to my students. Whether it is a story they have written, a question about a topic, or something about their personal life. So many times teachers become consumed with the things that "have" to be done and we fail to listen. Along these line, I think we will learn a lot about our students and from our students when we take the time to listen.

No-none of these are "Academic" goals; however, I believe my students will be more motivated to learn when I am meeting their social and emotional needs first. So, with my goals set and the first day of school right around the corner,I guess the only thing left to do is  enjoy the remaining days of summer.


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