Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Freezing February

February was a crazy cold month here in Albertville. We had over a week of snow days in the month a February but teachers know that doesn't mean we lose a week of instruction. The days we were at school were filled with anything and everything we could possibly squeeze in within our 7 hours. Here are a few pictures of what February looked like in our classroom.

A Few Valentine's Activities
Sorting & Graphing Conversation Hearts
Creating our cute bags to keep all of our sweet Valentine's cards in

President's Day:
Pebblego.com is one of our favorite online resources to use when learning about nonfiction topics. We also read many books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As always we did a activity to show or recap what we had learning about each. (I forgot to snap pictures of these)

Liberty's Legacy:
A awesome "pep rally" style program to get our student's excited about a new Social Studies resources we have available to used called Liberty's Legacy.

Jack Hartmann Concert

Lots of fun going on in the month of March for our classroom too, so stay tuned and check back soon.

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