Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's Get to the Core

That is the common core of course. This is our 2nd year to be using the Go Math Common Core series. The first year is a lot of learning but now we are starting to really understand and have fun with this new series. This year in Math our class has started "Math Workshop". It is a form of centers but really targets Math skills that 2nd graders need to be learning. The word MATH  stands for the following centers: Math Facts, At Your Seat, Teacher Choice, and Hands On. We rotate every 10 minutes so there is no time to be off task. The students absolutely LOVE this! Take a peak at "Math Workshop" in action.....

Also, speaking of core....we took a few minutes out of our day and enjoyed some "Johnny Appleseed" fun. Thanks to all the parents who sent in apples! We were apple do a taste test as well as graph our favorite color apple. This was a treat for the kids but it was a chance for me to take at peak at a few of their Math skills such as; Tally Marks and Graphing. Check out our class graph below

Last but certainly not least..... Personal Narratives: Published!!! I am so proud of how hard the student's worked through the Writing Procress. This week we are moving further into writing with Narrative Nonfiction.

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