Thursday, April 25, 2013

Youth Art Month: YAM!!!

This is the second year in a row our school has celebrated Youth Art Month better known as "YAM". We have a very excited and motivated art teacher, Mrs. Hall. Our theme this year was "Two Birds of a Feather YAM together. Check Out Youth Art Month:

*Yammy: Each class went by and stuffed "Yammy" with different color tissue paper. Check out the finished product. So cool!!!

There were so many fun and educational activities that got the students excited about "The Arts".

Here are a few:
Flash Mob during lunch
Bring your "feather friend" to lunch (paper bird)
The great backyard bird count
Bird Art during Mrs. Hall's Art Class
We created a peacock inspired bulletin board

Fine Arts Night:
Parents came to our classroom to view their students art work from the year. Our class created portfolios with their picture on the front. We punched a hole and tied ribbon through all of the artwork. We then hung them all in the hall as if they were on display in an art gallery.

The entire 2nd grade put on a awesome performance. They sang all "bird themed" songs such as; Rockin' Robin and I believe I can Fly! It was the best!!! 

As we near the end of this school year there are tons are of events happening here at APS. So stay tuned for more......

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